PlanDoc.Site helps solving the administration tasks of the construction areas:

PlanDoc.Site is a modular service that connects to the PlanDoc system, directing the important (on site) information into a workflow process, helping to manage various approvals and make lists. Continuously following the needs of the market, we are planning new modules. At the present the following modules are available:

An administrative application that facilitates the receipt and control of work, which can be used to record building defects on the plan sheet at the construction site, via mobile phone or tablet. After recording the punches, the responsible is assigned by a single click, and the repair process can be tracked by the status of the ticket. (For example, pipe breaking, reporting of improper assembly by the technical inspector to the main contractor). The application supports compiling lists or reports, searching for errors either by department, by building, by subcontractor.

Users: investors, technical inspectors, main contractors, generals, operators

It gives an opportunity to leave graphical (clouds, arrows etc.) and text comments on the plans of the plan repository provided by the PlanDoc system. With simple and well-transparent features, it helps to list opinions, define statuses, and search plans. In a unique way, the plan review is automatically linked to the current plan list, helping the project approval's workflow.

Users: investors, executives, technical inspectors, main contractors, generals, designers

At an executive level, the module supports organization and organizational tasks, which visually displays subcontractors' work areas, helps design and facilitates the administration of a workspace transfer and receipt.

Users: main contractors, general contractors, contractors

An application that simplifies administration processes for permissions for covering, which facilitates easy, efficient and retrievable documentation of approvals and pre-covering photos. Recommended for suspended ceilings and gypsum plastering work as well as for concreting.

Users: technical inspectors, main contractors, general contractors, contractors

Documentation of breaches of occupational safety and waste management rules, reporting of improper deposition, storage of material and material handling to contractors and subcontractors.

Users: main contractors, general contractors, contractors