PlanDoc drawing and document management

PlanDoc drawing and document management system has been developed especially for managing, systemizing and sharing masses of project documentation files of construction projects. Owing to its multi-user operation, the system allows that all users receive emails about the upload, approval and removal of plans in accordance with their individual privileges. The structure and customizability of the PlanDoc system makes the simultaneous management of all company projects possible, either by project IDs or by organizational units. Furthermore, its privileges system ensures efficient drawing management also for the members of the consortium or external plan providers (e.g. engineers, contractors, investors, authorities).

The mass drawing upload function and the innovative, unique code profile (aka code template) enables the uploaders to upload files in the same folder in bulk, which will then be automatically sorted out by the PlanDoc system through the, automatic identification of their names and their filling to their places in the conceptual folder system. For example, by clicking on one single button, the plans are grouped by projects, within that category by buildings, stories, branches. To whom do we recommend PlanDoc system? To everyone who is in any role involved in the realization of projects regarding the provision of drawings or documentation management.

Another great feature of the PlanDoc system is that it can be run on one single server and no other frame software (eg. database management software, terminal server license) must be purchased in order to install the system. The system uses public, open source frameworks and libraries which allow its operation running both Windows and Linux.

In order to be able to guarantee the efficient operation of the PlanDoc system, the program is delivered along with an introductory consultation, which follows a special methodology.

The most important advantages:
  • unique structure management of the Client’s choice
    • project folder structure, for example:
      Companies/Subsidiaries/Divisions/Projects/Drawing types/Drawings for each project
    • automatic structure creating algorithm
      If the drawing is the leaf of the tree and the folder structure is the trunk, the branches will be created automatically based on the names of the files. For example,
      trunk: subsidiary,
      branch: project ID/engineering branch/drawing types (created automatically),
      leaf: drawing file
  • mass drawing upload
    • uploading numerous files together
    • uploading all the drawings of the folder by selecting the folder
    • filtering wrong files prior to upload
  • multi-lingual environment
  • special, complex system of privileges
  • automatic generation of merged pdf files from drawing files
  • support of BIM files and information management (e.g. ifc files)
  • management of multiple formats (pdf, pdfa, dwg, …) of drawing files as drawing documentation
  • automatic assignment of names to and identification of drawings
  • automatic assembly and printing of drawing lists
  • presenting the record of the drawing
  • management of drawing approval, statuses
  • automatic notification of project stakeholders about changes
  • quick filter and search options
  • management of notes and comments
The delivery of high quality services to our clients is of great importance for us, thus we offer different levels of client support and
helpdesk services in addition to our universal, basic client support.
Download the settings instructions of the JAVA application needed for uploading files into the PlanDoc drawing and document management system. In case of any problems arising in your business IT environment, please, turn to the local system administrator for help first.
Download the general user’s manual and system introductory guide of the PlanDoc drawing and document management system. For project-specific manuals, please, contact the project’s coordinator.
In case you are a user of the system, and you have questions about or problems with the PlanDoc drawing and document management system, do not hesitate to contact us. You may write either an email to or call us on working days between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.